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Lab-created diamonds, or lab grown diamonds as they are sometimes called, are diamonds that have been created in a laboratory and are not mined from the earth. These diamonds are not synthetic because they are actual diamond crystals formed through high-pressure, high-temperature (HPHT) technology under highly controlled conditions using natural gas and liquid nitrogen as their source materials. The structure of these lab diamonds is identical to natural diamonds; the only difference being that the lab-created diamonds were made in a laboratory rather than through millions of years of geologic activity underground.

What Are Lab-Created Diamonds? lab created diamonds, also known as man-made diamonds or synthetic diamonds, refer to a type of diamond that is artificially grown in a lab. Due to their increased demand and sales in recent years, man-made or lab grown diamonds are now more popular than ever. Here's everything you need to know about synthetic diamonds: 1) What makes lab-created or synthetic diamonds different from mined ones? Let's get one thing straight: There is no difference between man made and natural mined diamonds. The carbon molecules that make up both types of gems were created at roughly the same time period billions of years ago. The only difference between natural and manufactured gems is how they were formed.

Are CVD diamonds fake or real? The simple answer is no, and here’s why. Both lab-created diamonds and natural diamonds come from carbon. However, lab-created diamonds grow in a controlled environment while natural diamonds are created through a series of natural events, including volcanic eruptions and mountain building. Lab-created diamonds can be made to look and feel identical to naturally occurring ones; they’re almost impossible to distinguish from one another under all but specialized scientific conditions.


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