Project Description

Project description

VT100 Terminal for RC2014 base on Geoff's VT100 Terminal made by Peter Hizalev


Major Bugs from V 0.3:
[X] J2 D+, D- reversed,
[X] RC2014 Bus RX, TX reversed,
[X] short circuit at Kathode of LED D1 at buttom layer

Minor Bugs from V 0.3
[ ] capacitors has a much to big footprint, should be 2,54mm
[ ]  resistore R1, R6, R8, R3, R2 and R10 has the wrong spacing, 12,5mm instead of 10mm,
[X] bad GND routing,
[ ] wrong foodprint for micro usb port

Nice to have:
[ ] use break out board for J4 (micro USB),
[ ] use std. FTDI-Header for Serial Port J5,
[ ] use std. PCB Layout for RC2014 "Made for RC2014" (,
[ ] replace J1, J2, J3 by Dipswitch,


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