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-LaunchPad XL edge header connection to breakout almost all MCU IO * -30 position stacking header for additional boards to add specific functionality - 8x Ain, 2x Aout(shared w/screw term Aout0 and Aout1), 4x DO, 8x DIO, 1x DIO_EN (optional) -9V to 24V input with 3.3V, 5V and +/-12V outputs - available on screw terminals and stacking header -5V precision reference - available on screw terminals and stacking header -Screw terminals which are compatible with LabJack LJ-Tick for all Analog and digital IO -8x Buffered 0-5V analog inputs -4x Raw 0-3.3V analog inputs -4x Buffered 0-5V analog outputs -8x Level-shifted digital IO (bidirectional 5V logic) - Select between 3.3V and 5V logic levels - DIO0 to DIO3 offer CCP functionality** -4x Level-shifted digital outputs open-drain (output 5V logic) - Select between 3.3V and 5V logic levels - DIOD1 to DIOD3 offer CCP functionality** -All DIO have a universal Enable from the MCU to provide a known high-impedance logic state when MCU is off or resetting - MCU code must set DIO_EN high before DIO will function (prevents accidental load turn-ons) -MCU Wake available on screw terminal for hibernate functionality (PS Ctrl and Wake can be connected to disable power when the MCU is in hibernate mode) -RS232 via screw terminals -Slerj single-channel serial data logger RX input connected to the UART TX pre-RS232 level-shifter (optional)*** -CAN via screw terminals (optional) -USB via LaunchPad XL user port -Ethernet via LaunchPad XL port *For connecting LaunchPad XL with 98 terminal edge connector, 1x TSW-149-09-x-x-RE, 1x TSW-149-08-L-S-RA and 2x SSW-149-01-L-S are are required. **For selecting logic level, each level-shifting buffer requires shunt (2x total), 2x SNT-100-BK-G ***For connecting Slerj SSR-LC, 1x TSW-107-08-x-x-RA and 1x SSW-107-01-x-x Board Mounting Specs (mil/thou) x >, y ^ 150, 150 4000, 150 7850, 150 150, 3850 4000, 3850 7850, 3850 Stacking Board Specs -4x #4 holes designed to be used with 0.25" diameter standoffs - Holes are located in each corner of the board offset from the center of the board by 0.75" x 1.375" - Use McMaster 91780A166 for 0.75" stacking height (compatible with height of Samtec DW-10-09-xx-T-415 and SSW-110-01-xx-T combination)
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M6:R8, M2:R8, M4:R7, M6:R7, M2:R7, M1:R7, M5:R7, M5:R8, M3:R7, M3:R8, M4:R8, M1:R8

RES SMD 5.76K OHM 0.1% 1/4W 0805 [MPS]

J43, J46, J60, J44, J62, J63, J47, J53, J56, J57, J64, J51, J48, J52, J42, J45, J54, J59, J61, J41, J58

PCB terminal block -  Double Level - MKKDSN 1,5/ 2-5,08

M3:D2, M1:D2, M3:D1, M2:D2, M5:D2, M2:D1, M4:D2, M1:D1, M4:D1, M6:D1, M6:D2, M5:D1



Generic Resistor (4.7K)

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