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Based on the work of Brian Schmalz, the UBW32 is a small development board for the new PIC32MX460F512L 32-bit CPU from Microchip. The UBW32 is breadboard friendly and includes all the external circuitry to get the PIC32 up and running. Power can be provided over USB or from an external source. It has 3 push buttons (Reset, and 2 user-defined buttons) and 5 LEDs (Power, USB, and 3 user defined LEDs). All of the 78(!) of the PIC32's I/O pins are broken out. The board comes pre-loaded with a USB bootloader and special UBW firmware that accepts simple serial commands to control the various I/O functions. If you have used a or before and are frustrated by the lack of CPU power, lack of memory, lack of I/O pins, or lack of sophisticated software, the UBW32 is just what you are looking for! While only slightly more expensive than the 8-bit UBW, the UBW32 has significantly more I/O and CPU horsepower. The UBW32 is also a very good stand-alone development platform for the USBPIC32 chip. It contains a simple to use USB bootloader so that you can write your own code and download it to the board without any additional programmer, tools, or software. If you need low-level debugging, you can also attach an ICD2/ICD3 or other PIC debugger. The PIC32 chip is capable of doing USB OTG, USB Mass Store, USB Virtual Com Port and USB Host roles. There is a footprint on the bottom of the board for a USB connector that will allow you to plug any USB device into the UBW32. There is a jumper that allows you to power the VBUS 5V USB wire if you program your UBW32 to be a USB Host.Any UBW32s bought before 11/3/2009 has the first version of the bootloader on it. This version of the bootloader causes the "BL" (bootload) command to break with the latest version of the firmware (v1.3). In order to update to the most recent version of the firmware, which fixes the problem, you'll need a hardware programmer. Project description, more information and ordering can be found at UBW32 Website: PIC32MX360F512L Datasheet: Documentation for v1.0 Firmware: Windows:
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P+2, P+6, P+7, P+8, P+9, P+10, P+11, P+4, P+13, P+14, P+3, P+15, P+16, P+17, P+18, P+5, P+12


GND10, GND11, GND12, GND13, GND14, GND15, GND16, GND17, GND5, GND19, GND2, GND3, GND4, GND6, GND7, GND8, GND9, GND20, GND21, GND22, GND23, GND24, GND1


C4, C6, C7, C8, C9, C11, C2, C3, C14, C15, C16, C17


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