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Project description
Two AVRs, The 1st hold the game logic, updates the display and handles the user input from 2 NES controller. The 2nd is for sound/music with a FM Sync chip and 2 speakers. The Sound Controller is connected to the Game Controller by a UART. At the moment parts are on order. The first thing I'm planning on working on to bread board the Game Controller and a single row of 10 neon dots.
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R62, R156, R82, R141, R84, R181, R119, R46, R135, R64, R24, R61, R147, R99, R90, R132, R107, R115, R137, R153, R106, R23, R102, R96, R31, R77, R75, R65, R91, R81, R108, R97, R117, R76, R78, R105, R163, R41, R17, R168, R118, R42, R92, R71, R131, R49, R43, R26, R175, R164, R70, R34, R100, R101, R16, R177, R110, R111, R88, R143, R122, R28, R39, R48, R80, R18, R56, R11, R73, R72, R14, R113, R125, R9, R174, R85, R162, R159, R103, R45, R21, R27, R2, R6, R138, R109, R155, R150, R58, R144, R79, R161, R179, R178, R53, R146, R116, R149, R30, R63, R98, R66, R74, R104, R173, R169, R140, R60, R182, R120, R123, R54, R180, R44, R112, R47, R40, R3, R170, R20, R15, R57, R19, R172, R59, R171, R184, R7, R114, R165, R67, R124, R89, R13, R22, R93, R133, R86, R83, R8, R154, R25, R94, R166, R1, R12, R87, R121, R167, R5, R50, R68, R33, R157, R4, R32, R10, R95, R160, R176, R36, R29, R134, R183, R38, R51, R37, R158, R55, R35, R52, R69

1.00 MΩ Metal Film Resistors, Military, MIL-R-10509 Qualified

R188, R189

3.9k Ohm ±5% 5W Through Hole Resistor Axial Moisture Resistant Wirewound

Y472, Y473

Ceramic Resonator

U340, U338, U349, U324, U356, U331

TRANS NPN 350V 0.5A TO-92

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