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My goal is to have a PC fan controller and splitter that will be able to control multiple fans per channel. In the schematic, I have added three fan headers per channel, each channel being supplied with power via its own molex connector. The reason I chose three fan headers is because the fans that I am planning on using are high amperage (Delta PFC-1212DE 3.24A) and the ATX spec for a molex powerline is rated at a max of 11 amps. So, 3.24 * 3 = 9.72, enough below the limit that I believe there is enough headroom for the power surge at motor start. The schematic is mostly based off what I read over at . For all those wishing to help out: Mounting this to a 5.25" front panel bay would be ideal, so if this requires parts on both sides of the PCB, I'm fine, or even two PCBs... From the above post there are other schematics that add a 'kickstart' to help get the fans started. I left that out because: 1: I do not think that the fans I intent on using need it, 2: I was afraid of too much kickstart on a single line. That being said, if you feel like going crazy and adding a time delay to starting up each fan in the channel in sequence and putting a kickstart in as each fan spins up, go ahead, but please fork the project.. ;) I have spent a lot of time researching what is out there and what modders are trying to accomplish. Although there are many devices out there that when cobbled together can achieve most goals, there isn't any single solution that covers all bases. I came up with some neat ideas, but it requires Arduino/chip-programming knowledge as well as really good skills at PCB design. If you feel that this is a project you would like to tackle, please let me know...
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