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Metrix Flexahex Microcontroller Platform - PUBLIC RELEASE DARPA PA-11-52 Summer of Hexagons 2013 Features: Self contained Flexible Circuit for wearable applications Texas Instruments MSP430 FRAM, Boost converter and supporting circuitry (includes RGB LED for status) 2 sided inductive coil for power delivery Embedded Graphene Supercapacitor for power storage This is a 2 layer flexible circuit board, with integrated graphene supercapacitor. It is comprised of 2 sheets of one side copper clad polyamide, The sheets are both ablated copper side towards top. The bottom sheet well is then coated with graphene oxide, which is then processed into laser scribed graphene (LSG) in an interdigital pattern. Electrolyte is applied to the LSG capacitor, and the stack is pressed with the following layers. Laser processed Polyamide solderstop. Top/Component layer on AKAFLEX single sided copper clad polyamide laminate LSG Supercapacitor, Fiberglass prepreg frame. Bottom Layer on AKAFLEX single sided copper clad polyamide laminate, Copper side faces internal layers. This board was made completely in-house at Metrix Create:Space using the LPKF ProtoLaser S and Multipress Special thanks go to DARPA, Metrix Create:Space staff, members and customers for being so awesome.
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JP1, JP2


C1, C2


C5, C3, C4


GND3, GND4, GND9, GND2, GND10, GND8, GND11, GND6, GND5, GND1


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