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When referring to pads and components the side with the Logger is referred to as top, the OSD as bottom. The flash switch is always on the right, the dipswitches on the left. The side with the RX is referred to as the downside, the OSD/Logger side is the upside. The dipswitches are ON (1) when pressed towards the middle of the board, OFF (0) when on the outside. Pads on the right-upside, from top to bottom. MUL RX MUL TX SBUS VCC_VTX VCC_EXT (5v) Pads on the right-downside, from top to bottom. OSD RX OSD TX VID OUT GND ... TEL_RX GND Pads on the left-upside, from top to bottom. VCC VTX GND VID IN (long pad) VID OUT DIP/flash switch settings (from top to bottom): During normal operation you can use either the openlogger or telemetry. logger DIP:10 00 00, flash set to top telemetry DIP: 00 00 10, flash set to top You can flash the logger and OSD using the FTDI port at the top. flash logger DIP:11 00 00, flash set to bottom flash OSD DIP:00 11 00, flash set to bottom FTDI to FC DIP (for flashing ESCs on F3 targets) DIP: 00 11 00, flash set to top, FTDI 5v disconnected
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