Project Description

Project description

Peter Blom's FC design is a Flight Controller for a quadcopter. It will keep the quad in the air using its onboard sensors and send back information about its position, orientation and other telemetry.


The idea was to build a quadcopter almost from scratch, so that every little bit could be customized to the user's liking. This FC design for example is meant to be small yet still have all the sensors and I/O of bigger sized flight controllers. It has a Barometer (for altitude), Gyro/Accelerometer (for orientation) and a Magnetometer (Compass). With the I/O ports it can connect to:

  • a Radio receiver with telemetry capability,
  • GPS receiver,
  • video transmitter,
  • On screen display device which overlays a HUD on the video signal,
  • Current & voltage sensor,
  • ports for 8 speed controllers which in turn control the motors,
  • 2 Servo connections for an optional Camera gimbal and,
  • ...some extra undefined pins which can be used as ADCs or extra serial connections.


All the electronics has been designed using Upverter, most of which are already online. A render of the assembled quadcopter is shown above. The FC board can be seen behind the first two cutouts in the top plate.


Design Files

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Component (60)

R30, R8, R7, R6, R11, R12, R9, R10, R4, R13, R5

Generic Resistor (1k)

R19, R21, R22, R18, R23, R20

Generic Resistor (4k7)

C2, C5, C1, C7, C6, C8, C4, C3

Generic Capacitor (0.1uF)

U7, U6

Single 2-input exclusive-OR gate

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