Project Description

Project description

MP3 cutter is the best tool for editing music files in a convenient and easy way . This application also supports cutting and merging of audio files including MP3, OGG, WAV, ACC, WMA, FLAC, M4A, OPUS, AC3, AIFF etc. Application is designed to make music editing so easy and fun 


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Cut mp3, Marathi Ringtones application help you cut a favorite part of a audio song, a music file. You can use the cut result as Marathi Ringtones, alarm, notification tone or a music song.

You can manage cut results easily and you can share them with your friends.




- Change export quality and file size.

- Supports almost all audio files.

- Simple and clean user interface.

- Remove specific part from audio.

- Add fade, silence to audio.

- Adjust volume of MP3 music.

- List all the MP3 songs from the SD card.

- Choose the MP3 files from the list.

- Cut the file using forward and backward selector.

- Integrated MP3 player help you to play before audio cutting.

- You can save the file to SD card.

- Set the edited file as Marathi Ringtones.



MP3 cutter with audio merger & audio splitter is the unique tool for music editing files in a fast and easy way. This application also supports cutting and merging of audio & mp3 files including mp3, acc, wav, wma, flac, ac3 opus, etc. This application also functioned as a My name Marathi Ringtones maker to create hot Marathi Ringtones with your own name.


With this music editor & Marathi Ringtones maker app, you can easily split or join your audios & mp3 files. You can cut music, crop audios & merge mp3 & audio files easily. This app has also features of a voice recorder as you can record your audio with high quality sound. You can also create custom hot Marathi Ringtones with your own name Marathi Ringtones maker future. With its mp3 converter feature, you can easily convert different audio formats to your required audio format.


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⭐Mp3 cutter

Cut your mp3 audios to any required format. Accurately cut out the required part of the music file & set it as your Marathi Ringtones with this music editor pp. Perfectly trim or cut your audios in no time. Mp3 cutter can help to check the fade in & fade out.


⭐Voice/Audio Recorder

Best recorder feature for sound recording with high-quality sound. You can reliably record your meetings, personal notes, speeches, lectures, songs. Free Voice/Audio Recorder can record most of your voices and conversations with a mic. You can record a business meeting, a lecture, an interview. Free Voice recording is a great tool to record music and sounds for free.


⭐Mp3 converter

With its audio converter/mp3 converter feature, you can easily convert your audio/mp3 file format to any required format without any processing time in this music editor application. Mp3 converter can also convert mp3, acc, wav, wma, flac, ac3 opus formats to any required audio format.


⭐Audio merger

Merger your mp3 audios by just selecting the audios. You can also select files of different audio formats to one required audio format perfectly & easily with this app.



⭐Audio mixer

With this audio mixer feature, you can easily mix different songs into one audio file & set them as your incoming caller hot Marathi Ringtones. You can also edit your name in that Marathi Ringtones.


⭐My name Marathi Ringtones

Create a music Marathi Ringtones with your own name. Just enter your name, listen to a variety of hot Marathi Ringtones samples with your name, select your desired Marathi Ringtones & set as your cool incoming caller hot Marathi Ringtones


⭐Audio splitter

Select any audio & split it into different audio formats as per your requirement. You can easily one long audio to as many small audio files as you want


Features of Mp3 cutter & My name Marathi Ringtones maker app


📌Audio cutter for all audio formats

📌Supports all audio formats

📌Set your own or your friend name Marathi Ringtones

📌Fast & easy to use

📌No conversion process time

📌Mp3 converter to convert different audio formats to your required audio format


Download & install this Mp3 cutter, merger & My name Marathi Ringtones maker app & do leave

your valuable feedbacks & comments, so that we can improve our app as per your need.


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