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Project description

Boost Testosterone Naturally With Tongkat Ali Extract

Eastern cultures have thousands of years of tried and tested knowledge in science, medicine, ecology, and even combat. Some might argue that some semblance of wisdom persists even in the most backward and barbarous aspects of Western society. In contrast to the Western world's haughty belief that its sciences are superior, we can now see that this has primarily served to pollute our planet and alter our climate by pulling nature out of kilter.

It is unusual for an Asian medical practitioner to prescribe a drug with the specific intention of killing a microorganism, and it is even more unusual for an Asian medical practitioner to prescribe a drug with the specific intention of manipulating the body, such as in the case of prescribing synthetic hormones in response to a diagnosis of low testosterone levels when the only tools available to a western physician are synthetic steroids. When the body is thrown out of whack by synthetic hormone injections, the brain responds by halting the production of testosterone and instead increasing the production of the feminine hormone estrogen. This is a major reason for alarm because it usually leads to the patient being sterile and the testicles shrinking from inactivity.

The Asian approach uses plant components, such as Tongkat Ali tree root extract, a natural stimulator of testosterone synthesis, to work with nature rather than against it. Daily use of Tongkat Ali causes a rapid rise in endogenous testosterone synthesis, which in turn stimulates behavioral changes such as increased physical activity, muscle gain, and fat loss.

Where is Tongkat Ali Most Commonly Used?

"Ali's Walking Stick" is what the Malay word "Tongkat Ali" means. Tongkat Ali is so named because it has a long history of use in Malaysia and the rest of Southeast Asia for increasing stamina and other forms of physical prowess. Similar to how a walking stick can assist you to get around when you're feeling the effects of aging in your legs and core, Tongkat Ali has been shown to help support a person's strength.

Instant coffee flavored with Tongkat Ali is a popular item in places like Malaysia, where the herb is extensively consumed. These Tongkat Ali supplements are widely used by males because of their proven ability to increase stamina and strength. However, the West is only now beginning to investigate Tongkat Ali, and it has quickly become a wildly popular dietary supplement for good cause.

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