Project Description

Project description

The Atmega328P is a small 16-bit microcontroller with built-in ISP (In-System Programming) functionality. It’s often used as an ISP microcontroller, interfacing with a computer to upload code. The microcontroller has two USB ports for programming code via a programmer and communicating with the computer via USB. The Atmega328P has eight internal I/O pins that make it easier to build simple and economical projects. It’s quite capable and can be used in many different applications. here is the atmega328p pinout, but what if you don’t have experience working with microcontrollers or Arduino? This article will explain how to use this ATmega328Pmicrocontroller in your Arduino projects, showing you everything from setting it up to developing programs on your Arduino IDE, and uploading code to make your projects work properly.

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Open JSON Format
All model data in Upverter's Open JSON export format (more info)
Gerber Format (RS-274X extended)
CAD to CAM transfer instructions (more info)
NC Drill (Excellon)
NC drill and route machine instructions (more info)
X-Y, rotation and side data for Pick and Place assembly (CSV)
PADS Layout Netlist
Export your schematic into a third-party layout tool
Dimension Drawing
Export the board outline, holes, and rulers
High-Res Schematic PNG
High resolution image form
3D Model (Step)
3D model of the board and components