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Library Management

In order to keep all your components accurate and up-to-date, parts libraries need to be maintained. It's enough of a time-consuming task that, for most large enterprises, there's a dedicated librarian that searches, updates, and creates new parts for engineering use. But what kind of solutions exist for smaller organizations and startups?

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Windows, Mac OS X, Linux

Upverter's central parts library is constantly being updated by other hardware engineers on Upverter. This means that outdated components that have been edited will also be re-usable by other engineers on the platform. Every iteration that's been made on a part can be viewed in its history, allowing designs that require an older model of a component to use the existing symbol, footprint, and any other attributes.

Private Libraries give you the option of “locking” a part's version and storing it in a personal library associated with your account or team. You'll still be given the option of seeing any recent edits to the part in the central library and have the version you have automatically updated with a single click. This ensures that you're always working with the correct and desired version of a part for your project.

Screenshot of the Add Component dialog
  • Quickest Part Creation Experience: With Upverter's Part Creator, you never have to start from scratch. Import real part data from Octopart's database so that you're working with correct pricing and availability information.
  • Private Libraries: Create or pull parts from the central library to build a private library associated with your account or team. Easily access and reuse the components that you regularly rely on.
  • Part History: See previous versions of a part and assess all the edits that have been made over time. Get insight into how the component has been improved.

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