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Open Source Hardware

The Open Source Hardware movement is growing. For makers and engineers who are looking to contribute to the Hardware Revolution, Upverter offers the easiest way to share, discover, fork, and follow designs.

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Windows, Mac OS X, Linux

We've all seen what an incredible effect open source had on software: It became highly accessible, evolved at a prolific pace, and became more powerful as a whole, all due to community cooperation. But in order for the same thing to happen for hardware, there needs to be an easy, frictionless way to share and fork designs with the community.

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The easiest way to share your creation with the world

  • No download, no installation, just an Internet connection: Running completely in your favourite browser on any OS, Upverter is accessible to anyone with an Internet connection. No matter where you are in the world, it takes no effort to be a part of the burgeoning Open Hardware community.
  • Easy to learn, easier to master: Upverter was built with everyone in mind, including those who are just getting started with hardware. The clean, intuitive interface ensures that even beginners quickly pick up the tool, allowing them to focus on creating rather than figuring out the ins-and-outs of a software.
  • A social platform for the community: Built around Upverter's core tools is a platform to explore all the open hardware designs built by other engineers around the world. Discover new projects, fork yourself a copy, re-use design components, and publish your creation.
  • One-click prototyping: Even if you are a maker creating hardware in your spare time, manufacturing shouldn't be something that's out of reach. When you're done with your design, you can get your board printed and assembled by one of Upverter's partnered manufacturers and have it delivered straight to your door!
  • Sharing is as simple as sending a link: Instantly share your designs by sending a private URL or embed the Upverter editor onto your personal site or blog!
  • Starter Account = $0: We love the Open Hardware community. We want to be the platform that pushes the movement forward and the tool that everyone uses to quickly build their new designs. Our Starter account is free for anyone who wants to contribute to the community.

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