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Texas Instruments is Enabling the Hardware Revolution

Because of Launchpad, Boosterpacks and chips like the CC3000, the Internet of Things is being built with TI parts.

The Story

Texas Instruments, the global analog and digital semiconductor manufacturing company, has been one of the key enablers and advocates of the DIY hardware movement. In addition to creating semiconductor solutions for analog and digital embedded, application processing, and education technologies, TI has also been instrumental in helping to make micro-controllers available and affordable to the maker movement community. Starting in 2010, TI released their line of Launchpad products; an affordable and high-quality piece of hardware, supported by easy-access and open software.

With the Launchpad's "BoosterPack" plug-in modules you can extend the functionality of your LaunchPad and add features like wireless connectivity, capacitive touch, temperature sensing, displays and much more. In order to get a headstart on BoosterPack development, our partnership with TI allows users to fork the BoosterPack templates (see the 20 Pin Template and the 40 Pin Template) to immediately start working on their custom design.

Upverter is helping TI bring their technology to the maker movement.
The Texas Instruments launchpad development board

Upverter is enabling the hardware revolution

Through their free community edition design tools, their open library, and tens of thousands of open source designs, Upverter is powering the engineers who are making the hardware revolution happen. Together, TI's chips and Upverter tools make it possible for anyone, anywhere to build an IoT device in a fraction of the time, and at a fraction of the cost.

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