Reduced Development Cycle

For hardware engineering teams with aggressive deadlines, Upverter's streamlined EDA platform offers a number of solutions that can accelerate your development cycle.

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Windows, Mac OS X, Linux

Hardware development is comprised of multiple cycles: designs have to reviewed, prototyped, tested, and iterated on to ensure quality of the finished device. But all engineering teams are faced with time-constraints and challenges that affect their time-to-market. This is an especially large hurdle for startups, when money is a limiting factor on how much time they have for development.

Illustration showing Upverter performing 30% faster than other tools

Electronics Design, Accelerated

  • The truly collaborative PCB design tool: Have a huge push for an upcoming deadline? With Upverter, multiple engineers can make edits on the same design file and have it save and update for the rest of the team in real-time. Multiply your focus and ship together.
  • Team-based design review: Collaboration and team-based actions are at the core of Upverter. In addition to PCB design tools, Design Review can also be carried out by multiple engineers at once. More errors are collectively caught and fixed before prototyping, reducing the number of costly board re-spins.
  • Tight integration between schematic and PCB layout: Upverter's schematic capture tool is always working together with the PCB Layout editor. As you're working on your schematic, all the parts you're working with is ready for placement on the layout side. No time is spent transferring design elements, eliminating the chances of translational error.
  • Powerful design tools for a fraction of the price: We offer a variety of account types to match exactly what you need. You shouldn't default to paying a colossal fee for a commercial license. Check our pricing page for more details including our free Starter account!

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