Design Review

PCB design review is a critical phase of hardware development. It's the step where design errors are caught and fixed before they result in costly and time-consuming board re-spins. Upverter offers a clean, collaborative environment for design review that maximizes each member's technical skills while minimizing interruptions to their current workload.

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Windows, Mac OS X, Linux

To date, design review has been a very cumbersome, tedious, and time-consuming step for hardware engineering teams. A typical workflow is to email a PDF of the complete design to the team. Often times, the design is large and unfamiliar, presenting reviewers with the daunting task of quickly getting up-to-speed. The PDF is then printed out and marked up with highlighters and red pens. Engineers review the design in isolation without feeding off of other team members' ideas. This is followed by a long meeting with the design displayed on a projector, awkwardly communicating with engineers in other offices via web conferencing. Issues are consolidated and tracked manually through long email threads. The process is long, interruptive, and isolated.

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Efficiently review board designs as a team

  • Intuitive multiplayer design review: Upverter's collaborative Design Review is built on top of the editor so that teams can view the schematic or layout in question from a central place. It can be done asynchronously or in real-time, giving flexibility to engineers and their demanding schedules.
  • Easy-to-use annotation and markup tools: Never miscommunicate a design issue. Upverter offers easy-to-use tools for on-screen annotations and markups.
  • Automatic issue list creation: When you markup a design to highlight a specific design error, an issues list is automatically created to log every problem. The list can be exported as a CSV file to work with your organization's bug-tracking system.
  • Discuss technical issues in an organized framework: Under each issue, a comment thread can be started to discuss technical problems and possible solutions as a team. In case further review is needed down the road, every markup and comment is saved.

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