Scripting and Extensions

For advanced users with highly customized workflows, Upverter's powerful API allows for easy creation of custom extensions.

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Windows, Mac OS X, Linux

Many engineering teams work in highly specialized application domains that require customized insight and programmatic modifications to the design. In addition, it's a common requirement for the hardware design tool to interoperate with other unique tools used in the organization.

Scripting has become a standard method for engineers to extend the functionality of their CAD tool in imaginative and highly customized ways. However, they can be faced with learning a non-standard scripting language, lack of debug tools, or the fear of unintentionally corrupting the design data.

An example of using the Upverter API to find the minimum point of all symbols of a component

An Object-Oriented, Clean, Safe API

Upverter's API provides a clean, easy-to-understand interface into the core constructs of your design. The object-oriented nature of the interface makes it intuitive to construct powerful scripts in an organized way. You can programmatically interrogate many design elements including connections, copper shape associations, component attributes, and design rule violations. The API has been carefully constructed to make corrupting your core design data impossible. This means that any actions performed by scripts can always be reversed using the normal Undo feature in the editor.

Standard Scripting Language and Powerful Debug Tools

Scripts are written in normal, plain Javascript so there's no need to learn an obscure language. Since Upverter runs in the browser, you automatically get access to the powerful native debugger, giving you deep insight into your script.

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