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The Idea


  • Minimal understanding of electronics fundamentals


  • Life experiences
  • Whiteboard

Next Step:

Once you have some small understanding of the fundamental electronics concepts and component groups you’re ready to move on to the idea stage of the ideation phase.

But more likely you actually started here. There was some sufficiently real problem you faced or are still facing. Some part of the world that was substantially broken and holding you back. You also realized like most real problems that it couldn’t just be solved with an app. You need to design and build some piece of real, physical hardware to solve this problem. Awesome!

We’ve produced this resource for you. It exists to make your life a bit easier, your product more likely to come to life, and your company more likely to succeed.

In the event that you’ve gotten here without a problem to solve there are some links below in the resources section that should help you figure out how to find your idea. Look for something real. Something you have personally experienced. Pain that you know needs to be, and will be, relieved eventually. We wish you the best of luck in your search, and a little bit hope that the pain you focus on is also one of ours.

Once you’ve found this idea you’re ready to begin piecing together a solution and that starts with exploration and discovery.

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